[LLVMdev] Open Source Contributions (was Re: Benchmarks)

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Wed May 5 18:39:03 PDT 2004

On Wed, 5 May 2004 10:01:11 +0400
>I think the decision is up to the  developers, but I'd just like to note 
>your opinion of Subversion is not the only one. In particular, we've being 
>using it at work for something like year (yes, long time before 1.0 was 
>released), and haven't run into any significant problems.

Absolutely!  I've been watching subversion for a year and playing with it. 
I'm all in favor of it. I just think there are *still* some rough edges to 
be smoothed out. I know several large companies are using it and that its 
generally "okay" at this point. But, I'm still reading on the user's list 
(this past week) about people losing their entire repositories due to 
database corruption. I'm not saying that would happen to LLVM, but it 
doesn't sound like stability to me. 

When the time is right, I'm all in favor of subversion. 

And, I *am* one of the developers (a minor one albeit :).


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