[LLVMdev] Open Source Contributions (was Re: Benchmarks)

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Wed May 5 01:37:02 PDT 2004

Chris Lattner wrote:

> > Right, but you'd need HTTP/FTP server. Not a problem for *me*, but lots
> > of folks are behind firewalls and can't do that.
> Sure.  I can't imagine that there is a wonderful solution other than this
> though.  In particular, how can you do distributed development without it?
> The whole idea is to reduce the need for a completely centralized
> development model.  Ideally, the UIUC servers would just be the "official"
> tree: lots of development could happen publically in trees that are not on
> our servers.  When the development is done, or in a good state, it could
> be merged into the official tree, and be released in the standard
> releases.

Why do you really need distributed development? The possible problems with 
centralized development are
1. The server might be often down.
2. There's too much number of active branches, so nobody understand what's 
going on.
3. You can't commit while you're on a plane.

I don't think first two points are that important, and I never being on a 
plane so can't comment on the third.

Ok, anyway, you decide.

- Volodya

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