[LLVMdev] Testing LLVM on OS X

Patrick Flanagan valtrain at mac.com
Tue May 4 20:48:01 PDT 2004

I was able to run through all the C/C++ benchmarks in SPEC using LLVM. 
I'm on OS X 10.3.3. I did a quick comparison between LLVM (latest from 
CVS as of 4/27) and gcc 3.3 (Apple's build 20030304).  For simplicity's 
sake, the only flag I used was -O3 for each compiler and I was using 
the C backend to generate native code for PPC.

Most of the LLVM results were close to gcc performance (within 5%), but 
a few of the tests caught my eye. 164.gzip ran about 25% slower on my 
system using LLVM versus gcc. As you said, source level debugging 
information wasn't available for the LLVM binary but from looking at a 
profile of the code, there are two functions that take up a moderate 
amount of time (zip and file_read) in the LLVM binary but these 
functions are not in the profile of the gcc code. Is it likely that gcc 
would have inlined these? file_read is relatively small, but zip is a 
little bigger. I tried to test this theory by manually editing the gzip 
code to inline those two functions, eg

inline int zip( ...
inline int file_read ( ..

but when I profiled that new code, it still had those two functions in 
the profile. Does LLVM support inlining (or am I am idiot and tried to 
do it manually wrong)?


On May 2, 2004, at 10:40 PM, Chris Lattner wrote:

> On Sun, 2 May 2004, Patrick Flanagan wrote:
>> Is there anything special flagwise that I would need to specify to 
>> tell
>> it to include symbol and debug information? I've tried specifying -g
>> but this information still doesn't seem to be included. A quick copy 
>> of
>> the build of one of the tests to make sure I've got the flags right:
> Nope.  Right now LLVM doesn't have real support for source-level
> debugging.  There is a debugger *started*, but it needs substantial 
> work
> before it can be usable, and the C front-end cannot produce debug
> information yet.  If you're interested in the debugger, it is discussed
> here:
> http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/docs/SourceLevelDebugging.html
> Sorry!
> -Chris
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