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On May 1, 2004, at 7:07 PM, Vikram S. Adve wrote:

> Dear LLVM users,
> The development of LLVM has been supported primarily by funding from  
> the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois.  in  
> order to maintain our sources of funding and attract new ones, It is  
> important for us to be able to document how LLVM is benefiting  
> companies, universities, other organizations, and individuals in the  
> outside world.  (The information we get from downloads is insufficient  
> because we cannot distinguish casual downloads from active users.)
> are using LLVM at present or have used LLVM in the past, please answer  
> the following short list of questions.  It would be sufficient for us  
> to get "anonymous" information such whether you are at a university or  
> company, using LLVM for development, research, or teaching, etc..   
> Additional specifics such as company names, etc., are optional but  
> valuable also.  Please reply to this message even if you think we know  
> about you, and even if you are at UIUC but not a member of the LLVM  
> research group -- it will help us tabulate the information accurately.  
>  (Note that your replies will go to vadve at cs.uiuc.edu, not to  
> llvmdev at cs.uiuc.edu):
>                     ---BRIEF QUESTIONNAIRE FOR LLVM USERS---
> (a) Do you consider yourself an active user of LLVM at present?
> (b) If your previous answer is YES, how long have you been using LLVM  
> actively?  If your answer was NO, when did you stop using LLVM?
> (c) Which of the following best describes your project :
> 	(i)   Development project (including exploratory projects)
> 	(ii)  Research project
> 	(iii)  Student using LLVM for a class project
> 	(iv)  Instructor using LLVM for class projects
> (d) Which of the following best describes the organization or context  
> of your project:
> 	(i)   University
> 	(ii)  Established company
> 	(iii) Startup or early-stage venture
> 	(iv)  Open source software project
> 	(v)   Individual interest project
> (e) [OPTIONAL] What is the name of your organization referred to in  
> the previous question?  What is your  department or group?
> (f) Which of the following best describes how you are using or used  
> LLVM (specify all that are applicable):
> 	(i)   To implement a language
> 	(ii)  As an optimization framework
> 	(iii) As a program analysis framework
> 	(iv)  To implement a managed runtime system (JIT or interpreter-based)
> 	(v)   For supporting a architecture, processor, or hardware design
> 	(vi)  For some part of an operating system, e.g., improving  
> portability or performance.
> (g) Where are you located:
> 	(i)    USA
> 	(ii)   Canada
> 	(iii)  Mexico or Central America
> 	(iii)  South America
> 	(iv)  Europe excluding Russia
> 	(v)   Russia
> 	(vi)  China
> 	(vii) India
> 	(viii) Asia excluding China and India
> 	(ix)   Australia
> 	(x)    South Pacific excluding Australia
> (h) How did you obtain your current copy of LLVM?
> 	(i)   Web download
> 	(ii)  CVS access
> 	(iii) Copy from someone else
> (i) [OPTIONAL] If you have any positive or negative comments about  
> LLVM, please include them here.  All comments are welcome.  If you  
> don't have time, please do send us the other answers above.   Thanks!!
>                        ---END OF QUESTIONNAIRE---
> --Vikram Adve
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