[LLVMdev] Function pointers

Anders Alexandersson anders.alexandersson at student.htu.se
Wed Mar 31 09:24:06 PST 2004

Hello out there!

I am trying to build a table of 2 function poiters by using an array:

%kernel = alloca [ 2 x int ()* ]

I try to access the first pointer to be able to store location of my first function like this:

%function_pointer_1 = getelementptr [2 x int ()* ]* %kernel, long 0, long 0

store int ()* %function_1, int ()* %function_pointer_1

But, I get the error message from llvm-asm:
llvm-as: 1.ll:40: Can't store 'int () *' into space of type 'int ()'!

What is my mistake? 

Grateful for hints

Anders Alexandersson
Masters student at the special year of Software Engineering, HTU Trollhättan
E-mail: anders.alexandersson at student.htu.se

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