[LLVMdev] Debian packaging?

Al Stone ahs3 at fc.hp.com
Mon Mar 8 11:41:02 PST 2004

True, alien will do most everything properly.  To
actually have LLVM become a proper part of the Debian
distro, though, it should probably be done as a full
Debian package.  Given the good work already done for
rpm's, it should be pretty straightforward.

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 17:34, Alkis Evlogimenos wrote:
> Al Stone wrote:
> > Would anyone mind terribly if I tried to
> > get LLVM packaged and added to the Debian
> > distribution?
> We have added rpm creation in cvs and it will most likely be in the 1.2 release. With a provided rpm, Debian users can use alien to make it into a deb.
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