[LLVMdev] Re: Bytecode Format

Robert Mykland robert at mykland.com
Wed Jan 21 18:11:06 PST 2004

Will do.  Give me a couple of days to find time to pretty up what I have, 
then I'll submit it.

-- Robert.

At 08:28 AM 1/21/2004, Misha Brukman wrote:
>On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 08:25:23AM -0800, Robert Mykland wrote:
> > I'm the guy who is working on the LLVM bytecode documentation. The
> > document I have at present just supports the bytecodes my code
> > generator processes, though, which is far from all of them. As I get
> > farther along with my code generator I expect I'll get to the point
> > where everything kind of fits together for me and I can finish it up.
> > In the meantime, people are welcome to what I have so far.
>If you wish, we can add it as a work-in-progress now so that others can
>at least have a starting point with the bytecode reader, and you can
>send us patches as you go along, and we'll update them in CVS and on the
>If you want to take that route, just open a Bugzilla report for this,
>attach patches to it as you go, and watch them automagically get
>Thank you!
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