[LLVMdev] 9 Ideas To Better Support Source Language Developers

Valery A.Khamenya khamenya at mail.ru
Wed Jan 7 14:09:04 PST 2004

Hello Chris,

>> 10. Basic support for distributed computations.

CL> What kind of support?  What do you think should be included in LLVM
CL> directly, as opposed to being built on top of it?

nice question :)

(don't sue me, I am far from being expert like you are!)

just imagine, that we have Linux cluster, and we have two functions in
one module (`f' and `g'). If they are about to be executed at one host,
then one is allowed to do very aggressive interprocedural
optimizations between these `f' and `g'. However if `g' should be
"outsourced to" (i.e. "executed at") other host then `f', then one is
prohibited to do almost any optimizations between `f' and `g'.

Am I right up to here? if `yes' then:

One is hardly able to make support for distributed calculations on top
of LLVM. Because, in order to make legal optimizations LLVM should
_know_ where the code is really executed. 


(Should I reformulate the tings above?)

Best regards,
Valery A.Khamenya                       mailto:khamenya at mail.ru
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