[LLVMdev] Primer with LLVM

Francisco Puentes fpuentes at udc.es
Thu Dec 30 11:14:16 PST 2004

Hi, everybody:

I am a beginner with LLVM, in fact today was the first day that I use it.

I have several questions about LLVM:

Can I use LLVM to compile several files (bytecode), scripts (char*) and link
them with external libraries generating *only* one executable (all in

Can I invoke externals functions from a guest (LLVM generated) code which
exist in the host code (the code that execute the first one)?

And a problem:

I made a little aplication with use the functions llvm::LinkModules and
llvm::LinkLibraries that, I suppouse, exist in libLLVMLinker.a archive, but
gcc linker reports 'undefined' errors for this functions. I don't use the
makefile system from LLVM because is so complex to incorporate in this point
of my work that it isn't usefull at the moment. I use the libraries directly
in my own Makefile. I tried to explicitly insert **all** LLVM libraries and
it doesn't work :-(

Does anybody have got a example of an aplication which uses these functions
to compile and execute in memory a multi-file application? (lli isn't useful
for me)

Thanks in advance and apologize so basic questions.

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