[LLVMdev] configure errors

Misha Brukman brukman at uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 28 22:58:43 PST 2004

On Tue, Dec 28, 2004 at 10:47:43PM -0800, Jeff Cohen wrote:
> checking for mmap of files... yes
> checking if /dev/zero is needed for mmap... test: FreeBSD: unexpected 
> operator
> no

It could be due to the '==' in the test, it also trips up /bin/sh on
Sparc, so I use ksh for configuring.
> checking for python... true python
> test: : bad number
> configure: WARNING: QMTest requires Python 2.2 or later
> I guess it shouldn't get the "bad number" error if python is missing
> (and it is in this case).  But we don't use QMTest anymore, correct?
> So isn't the python test obsolete?

I think it's obsolete and must be just an artifact left behind.

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