[LLVMdev] Re: Starting with LLVM-GCC on Cygwin

Alex Vinokur alexvn at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Dec 28 22:13:21 PST 2004

Reid Spencer wrote:
> I have recently completed a build on Cygwin and am now hosting the
> Cygwin nightly tester. Here's some things you should know:
> 1. LLVM 1.4 release won't build on Cygwin so you'll have to use the
>     latest CVS sources.
> 2. Even if you build it on Cygwin, it probably won't work unless you
>     use the C Backend. See the test results here:
>     http://llvm.x10sys.com/testresults/Cygwin
> 3. Building on Cygwin will require you to build and install GNU
>     binutils 2.15 as the version that comes with Cygwin these days will
>     assert fail on building the CFE.
> 4. As previously noted, you will also need GCC 3.4.3 to be built and
>     installed.
> My recommendation would be to either wait a week or two until we get
> Cygwin issues figured out or use another platform (Linux, FreeBSD,
> SPARC/Solaris, Darwin/PPC). Cygwin is not exactly the most performant
> system for doing benchmarks as the Cygwin "layer" over Win32 is fairly
> involved.

Thank you for that information. I will wait until you get Cygwin issues
figured out.
How can I know of that?

  Alex Vinokur
     email: alex DOT vinokur AT gmail DOT com

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