[LLVMdev] VC++: Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No suchfile or directory

Jeff Cohen jeffc at jolt-lang.org
Thu Dec 23 08:05:39 PST 2004

Yes, it should find windows.h with the default configuration.  But you 
have to be suspicious of beta code that Microsoft gives out for free.  
It might just be very buggy, or it might be deliberately crippled.  
Considering the price tag on Visual Studio, it's one or the other (and 
probably both).

Out of curiosity, did it accept the solution and project files as is, or 
did it want to "upgrade" them?  If the latter, I cannot accept any 
patches for those files because they would break VC++ 7.1 (which in turn 
broke 7.0, which in turn broke 6.x).

Henrik Bach wrote:

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>> Windows.h is part of Microsoft's Platform SDK that's bundled with 
>> Visual Studio.  It should never >have been in the llvm source tree.  
>> Why don't you have it?  You have VC++, right?
> Yes, I  had the express beta version of VC++, but something weird 
> happened with my installation, so I've uninstalled it for the moment.
> I assume, It should have found <windows.h> implicit from it's own 
> installation directory. Correct?
> Next, I searched for it, and found it. Then I thought, I had to 
> upgrade with the newest VC++ october TCP installation. But with the 
> result that windows.h file has disappeared. I ripped off VC++ ;-)
> I'll try later with a fresh installation.
> Henrik
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