[LLVMdev] Cygwin port

Oleg Smolsky Oleg.Smolsky at pacific-simulators.co.nz
Tue Dec 21 14:35:44 PST 2004

Hi Reid,

> I've been doing a Cygwin build today too. All these problems 
> have been updated in the current CVS. Please update your tree 
> and give it another try.
Alright, this time everything works quite a bit better. However:
	needs the CopyFile() invocation fix identical to gccld.cpp

Also, it turns out gcc 3.3.3 in cygwin is buggy and it's unable to build
some of the valid C++ code. I've just upgraded to gcc 3.4.1 and managed
to build debug version of llvm successfully.

I'll build cfronted and then release versions of everything and report
the progress.


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