[LLVMdev] Cygwin port

Oleg Smolsky Oleg.Smolsky at pacific-simulators.co.nz
Mon Dec 20 18:34:19 PST 2004

Hi all,

> Please try it out, if it doesn't work, please tell us what's 
> wrong, or, better yet, submit a patch. :)
Alright, here are the results of building the latest llvm from CVS under

	needs #include <assert.h> when building with gcc 3.3.3

tools\gccld\gccld.cpp line 128
tools\llvm-ld\llvm-ld line 318
	need sys::CopyFile(sys::Path(OutputFilename),

Now, when linking gccld, the linker complains about an undefined
reference to llvm::sys::CopyFile(). That's where I got stuck: 
	lib\System\Path.cpp includes platform\Path.cpp
	platform should be cygwin
	Cygwin\Path.cpp includes Unix\Path.cpp which defines this


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