[LLVMdev] Re: Compiling FreeType 2.1.9 with LLVM 1.4

Adam Warner lists at consulting.net.nz
Sun Dec 19 22:52:44 PST 2004

Hi Reid Spencer,

> CC=/path/to/llvmgcc CXX=/path/to/llvmg++ configure
> make
> and was able to reproduce the problem. Not sure what's up with that but
> as Misha pointed out, llvmgcc isn't any "particular" version of 3.4, its
> just 3.4ish. I also concur with him that you should file a bug and
> attach the pre-processed source to it. You can get that with the -E flag
> to GCC.

Many thanks for everyone's wonderful replies.

I added the -E flag to the build options. Are the preprocessed sources the
.o files that now look something like this:

# 1 "/home/adam/t/t5/freetype-2.1.9/src/sfnt/sfnt.c"
# 1 "/home/adam/t/t5/freetype-2.1.9//"
# 1 "/home/adam/t/t5/freetype-2.1.9/src/sfnt/sfnt.c"
# 1 "<built-in>"
# 1 "<command line>"
typedef int _G_int16_t __attribute__ ((__mode__ (__HI__)));
typedef int _G_int32_t __attribute__ ((__mode__ (__SI__)));
typedef unsigned int _G_uint16_t __attribute__ ((__mode__ (__HI__)));
typedef unsigned int _G_uint32_t __attribute__ ((__mode__ (__SI__)));

...because there's 4.8MB of them and I'd first like to confirm this is
what I should be attaching. I'm sorry but at this stage I don't have the
capabilities to narrow down the FreeType source code to a minimum test
case (unless the FreeType source code happens to looks uncannily like the
C version of Hello, World!)


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