[LLVMdev] misc. patches

Morten Ofstad morten at hue.no
Mon Dec 13 09:00:37 PST 2004

Jeff Cohen wrote:
> VS has a 64-bit portability mode, where it will complain when it sees 
> non-portable code.  I haven't tried it yet on LLVM, but in my experience 
> it will generate a *lot* of warnings.  Every time a size_t or ptrdiff_t 
> is assigned to an int or even a long it will complain (Microsoft defines 
> long as 32-bits, even in win64).  On the other hand, gcc defines long as 
> 64-bits on 64-bit Unix (so what does it do on cygwin or mingw?).  The 
> portability warnings are still useful, but it does mean that "long" must 
> be banished from the code.

I'm not trying to eliminate the warnings when compiling LLVM -- I'm 
trying to eliminate the warnings in applications _using_ LLVM which 
might be (as in our case) using the 64-bit portability mode. So I only 
want to patch some very commonly included header files in order to 
compile our application cleanly. I am absolutely not suggesting to 
banish "long" from the code.


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