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Sun Dec 12 14:54:33 PST 2004


I need to solicit your opinion about something.

I'm toying with the idea of getting rid of LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH. Right
now the linkers will use this environment variable if it specifies a
single directory. It will look in that directory to find libraries when
things like -lc or -lcrtend are specified on the command line. Right
now, the only known place this is useful to set to is the CFE's
install/bytecode-libs directory. However, the configure script can make
that path available to us already because LLVM requires configuring with
--with-llvmgccdir=... So, it is my understanding that current usage of
LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH is redundant with already available information
from the configure script.

Does anyone put anything *other* than CFE/install/bytecode-libs in their
LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH? Does anyone expect it to actually be a colon
separated list of path names to be searched (its not interpreted that
way currently)?

I see two options:

1. Get rid of LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH and just have the linker "know" 
   about the bytecode-libs directory if --with-llvmgccdir was 
   specified to configure.

2. Fully support LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH as a colon separated path list
   to search for bytecode archives and files. In this case their would
   be no need to specify the bytecode-libs directory, it would be
   included already.

Which do you like?
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