[LLVMdev] redefenition of variables in LLVM

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Sun Dec 12 00:13:15 PST 2004

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Jai Vasanth wrote:

> Hi,
> %_t4 = add int 23 ,  0
> %_t5 = add int %_t4 , 1
> %_t4 = add int %_t5 , 0
> the above line of code give an error when i try to  convert to
> bytecode. The error is that I am trying to redefine %_t4. Is there a
> way to reassign a variable with another value. Also is there a way to
> assign a value to a variable. I couldnt do that so I added 0 to it  !
> :)

No, this is Static Single Assignment form, which means there can only be 
one assignment to a value.  If you want multiple assignment, use memory 
(such as a stack location).  E.g.:

%t4 = alloca int
%_t4 = add int 23 ,  0
store int %_t4, int* %t4
%_t5 = add int %_t4 , 1
%_t4 = add int %_t5 , 0
store int %_t4, int* %t4

Given (ugly) code like this, the LLVM -mem2reg pass will construct SSA for 
you and discard the unneeded allocas.



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