[LLVMdev] Autoconf Support

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 30 17:59:01 PDT 2003

Dear LLVM developers,

	I am pleased to announce that the autoconf support has been added to 
mainline CVS.  This addition allows the LLVM build environment to be 
configured via the familiar configure script.

	The autoconf support might have some bugs in it, so please report them 
if you see them.  Also be warned that many files have changed to use 
header files that wrap the autoconf configuration information, so you 
may end up doing a large rebuild upon your next update.

	When you checkout llvm, run ./configure to configure the build 
environment.  The following options are of interest:

	--with-objroot=<path> : Sets the pathname where your object files go. 
--with-objroot=/localhome/$USER is analogous to putting things in 
/localhome like we always have.

	--enable-optimized : Builds an optimized build (as opposed to a debug 
build) by default.

	There are others as well.  The configure help menus should give you 
some information on them; the new Getting Started Guide (which I think 
is online now) can also be of help.

	When coding, there are several things to keep in mind.  The greatest of 
which is that you should use the new header files in include/Config 
instead of the normal system header files.  For example, use 
"Config/stdio.h" instead of <stdio.h>.  This will allow your program to 
compile correctly, even if autoconf detects that stdio.h does not exist. 
  In this way, you can avoid having to know how to apply the 
HAVE_STDIO_H conditional compile mess that autoconf uses.

	Standard C++ header files can be included as always; they are currently 
not autoconf'ed, and probably will never be.

	Please feel free to ask us questions or to tell us about bugs.


-- John T.

* John T. Criswell                         Email: criswell at uiuc.edu *

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