[LLVMdev] Planned service outtages

Misha Brukman brukman at uiuc.edu
Sun Dec 21 16:50:01 PST 2003

Hi LLVMers!

Due to events beyond our control, the LLVM website and all associated
functionality, possibly extending to the mailing list, will not be
available for a (hopefully) very short time this Monday, December 22nd,
as our building switches its electrical power suppliers.

Furthermore, as our servers are being relocated to a new shiny facility,
you may notice about a day of downtime on January 5th, 2004. We will
make all attempts to keep this to a minimum, but don't panic, it's all
under control.

Thank you for your understanding.

Misha Brukman :: http://misha.brukman.net :: http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu

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