[LLVMdev] pass position

Anshu Dasgupta anshuman at cs.rice.edu
Wed Dec 17 13:54:01 PST 2003

> I can run that pass through opt on the bytecode emitted by gcc frontend
> through opt tool. However, I want that Pass1 to be the part of the 
> actual GCC  compiler. I want to know how I can position Pass1 among 
> other passes  /optimizations/ code generations.

I had a similar question and Chris recommended that I edit the 
addPassesToEmitAssembly method. Quoting him:

" Basically, if you want to work on the code generator, this is what you
should do:  Add your pass to the addPassesToEmitAssembly method for the
target of your choice, and in your pass implement the getPassName() 
method to provide a nice user-friendly name. "

You can explicitly specify where (w.r.t other passes) your pass will 
execute in the addPassesToEmitAssembly method.


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