[LLVMdev] Helpful (?) hints

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Sun Dec 8 16:02:01 PST 2002

Here's some stuff that may be useful for your papers n stuph:

* Analyze has a pass "-instcount" written by Dinakar, which will tell you
  things like the number of functions, basic blocks, and instructions are
  in a program.  It will even classify the instructions into different
  opcodes, if you want to report things like #loads+#stores or something.

* Most of the olden benchmarks can be run with multiple input sizes.  This
  is important because lli is, well, pretty dang slow.  For example, you
  can run perimeter in a reasonable amount of time like this:

  lli Olden-perimeter.llvm.bc 5



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