[LLVMdev] Counting # dynamic instructions in a benchmark

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Sat Dec 7 23:54:01 PST 2002

I just checked in the following patch:

This patch adds a new statistic to LLI which indicates the number of
dynamic instructions executed by the program.  With this patch enabled,
you can run LLI like this:

$ cd test/Programs/SingleSource
$ make Output/matrixTranspose.llvm.bc
$ lli -stats Output/matrixTranspose.llvm.bc
Checksum before = 2096128.000000
Checksum  after = 2096128.000000
Function int (int, sbyte**)* "main" returned int 0
                          ... Statistics Collected ...

158559 lli - Number of dynamic instructions executed

This should be useful for groups working on PRE or other optimizations...



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