[llvm] [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select llvm.aarch64.neon.ld* intrinsics (PR #65630)

Vladislav Dzhidzhoev via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 13 06:06:01 PDT 2023

@@ -450,3 +451,55 @@ def : Pat<(i32 (int_aarch64_neon_uminv (v2i32 V64:$Rn))),
             (INSERT_SUBREG (v16i8 (IMPLICIT_DEF)),
               (UMINPv2i32 V64:$Rn, V64:$Rn), dsub),
+def : Pat<(v8i8 (AArch64dup (i8 (load (am_indexed8 GPR64sp:$Rn))))),
+          (LD1Rv8b GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v16i8 (AArch64dup (i8 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv16b GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v4i16 (AArch64dup (i16 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv4h GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v8i16 (AArch64dup (i16 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv8h GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v2i32 (AArch64dup (i32 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv2s GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v4i32 (AArch64dup (i32 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv4s GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v2i64 (AArch64dup (i64 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv2d GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+def : Pat<(v1i64 (AArch64dup (i64 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
+          (LD1Rv1d GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
+class Ld1Lane64PatGISel<SDPatternOperator scalar_load, Operand VecIndex,
+                   ValueType VTy, ValueType STy, Instruction LD1>
+  : Pat<(insertelt (VTy VecListOne64:$Rd),
+           (STy (scalar_load GPR64sp:$Rn)), VecIndex:$idx),
+            (LD1 (SUBREG_TO_REG (i32 0), VecListOne64:$Rd, dsub),
+                          (UImmS1XForm VecIndex:$idx), GPR64sp:$Rn),
+            dsub)>;
+class Ld1Lane128PatGISel<Operand VecIndex, ValueType VTy,
+                         ValueType STy, Instruction LD1>
+  : Pat<(insertelt (VTy VecListOne128:$Rd),
+           (STy (load GPR64sp:$Rn)), VecIndex:$idx),
+        (LD1 VecListOne128:$Rd, (UImmS1XForm VecIndex:$idx), GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
dzhidzhoev wrote:

def : Pat<(v8i8 (AArch64dup (i8 (load (am_indexed8 GPR64sp:$Rn))))),
          (LD1Rv8b GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
def : Pat<(v16i8 (AArch64dup (i8 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
          (LD1Rv16b GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
def : Pat<(v4i16 (AArch64dup (i16 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
          (LD1Rv4h GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
def : Pat<(v8i16 (AArch64dup (i16 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
          (LD1Rv8h GPR64sp:$Rn)>;
These lines are different from what we have in AArch64InstrInfo.td since loads return i32 there, so patterns there contain extloadi8/extloadi16 instead of load, whereas in gMIR G_DUP takes i8 and i16 correspondingly.

def : Pat<(v2i32 (AArch64dup (i32 (load GPR64sp:$Rn)))),
This and the following 3 patterns I've added just to have together full set of patterns to select G_DUP. Should I remove them?

Ld1Lane64PatGISel and Ld1Lane128PatGISel are slightly different from Ld1Lane64Pat/Ld1Lane128Pat, because vector_insert used in latter patterns isn't imported to GlobalISel. If I replace it with insertelt there, the pattern doesn't go off in SelectionDAG.


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