[PATCH] D157519: [JITLink][AArch32] Tests for ELF::R_ARM_ABS32 and ELF::R_ARM_REL32

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Fri Aug 11 05:38:09 PDT 2023

Eymay added a comment.

In D157519#4574123 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D157519#4574123>, @sgraenitz wrote:

> This is looking very good already! Nice idea to check ARM and Thumb in one test. I am not sure, however, if it's worth the effort. They both produce `R_ARM_ABS32` and `R_ARM_REL32`. The only difference is the alignment and here Thumb alone would be sufficient:
>   ➜ llvm-objdump -r ...
>   RELOCATION RECORDS FOR [.text]:                   RELOCATION RECORDS FOR [.text]:
>   OFFSET   TYPE                     VALUE           OFFSET   TYPE                     VALUE
>   00000004 R_ARM_ABS32              target          00000002 R_ARM_ABS32              target
>   00000008 R_ARM_REL32              target          00000006 R_ARM_REL32              target
>          ^ ARM is on a 4-byte boundary                     ^ Thumb is 2-byte
> What we should do at some point (not necessarily in this patch) is to check whether it works on big-endian targets. Add a `eb` suffix to the arch in order to test it, e.g. `thumbebv7-none-linux-gnueabihf`

Agree, I'd say it is more a proof of concept. These provide the scaffolding to add tests for varying targets.

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