[PATCH] D155793: [Support] Avoid wait4 on Fuchsia

Roland McGrath via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jul 20 09:52:51 PDT 2023

mcgrathr added a comment.

What is implementing waitpid there? I'm not aware of any Fuchsia implementation of that API. The function in libc is an ENOSYS stub.  If there were an emulation implementation of waitpid, there could as well be one for wait4 since some of the information analogous to `struct rusage` is accessible by other means on Fuchsia.  But since there isn't AFAIK any waitpid et al that is actually useful on Fuchsia today, I'm a bit confused by this change.  It seems like perhaps it's just getting something to compile and link that doesn't actually work. IMHO unless and until we provide a more full posix_spawn+wait* emulation library for Fuchsia--and perhaps even if we had one--the LLVM support should probably use the more direct Fuchsia mechanisms instead.  For spawning subprocesses, that means fdio_spawn and then the direct Zircon syscall APIs to wait for process termination.

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