[PATCH] D150505: [cmake] Disable GCC lifetime DSE

Christian Ulmann via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 17 06:24:49 PDT 2023

Dinistro added a comment.

> Could you explain what error / issue you're hitting (ideally with some output as it's easier to understand then)? Is it a CMake/configure-time issue, or a build-time issue? Also, which version? (16.0.4 or trunk (if so, what commit?))

We are working with trunk, currently with c04cf58dfc5430f0c82c8ef42c3a8cb43f84020b <https://reviews.llvm.org/rGc04cf58dfc5430f0c82c8ef42c3a8cb43f84020b>.

When we run `clang-tidy-diff.py` from within our CI on the downstream project, we get a crash that looks as follows:

> Error while processing /path/to/file.cpp
> Suppressed 11764 warnings (11762 in non-user code, 2 NOLINT).
> Use -header-filter=.* to display errors from all non-system headers. Use -system-headers to display errors from system headers as well.
> Found compiler error(s).
> error: unknown argument: '-fno-lifetime-dse' [clang-diagnostic-error]

As both LLVM and our own project are built with GCC, the `compile_comands.json` contains the `-fno-lifetime-dse` flag.

I suspect that the suggested no-op flag solution would work nicely, though.

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