[PATCH] D148427: [BOLT][NFC] Fix use-after-free in RewriteInstance::mapCodeSections

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Sat Apr 15 05:36:58 PDT 2023

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When a cold function is too large, its section gets deregistered.
However, the section is still dereferenced later to get its RuntimeDyld
ID. This patch moves the deregistration to after the last dereference.

Note that this came up in D147544 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D147544> and I haven't found a way to actually
trigger this bug (i.e., I'm not sure how to create a cold function
that's considered "too large"). I tried to resolve the issue without
affecting BOLT's behavior but there might be better ways to solve it
(e.g., not deregistering, not mapping the deregistered section in

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: bolt/lib/Rewrite/RewriteInstance.cpp
--- bolt/lib/Rewrite/RewriteInstance.cpp
+++ bolt/lib/Rewrite/RewriteInstance.cpp
@@ -4097,7 +4097,6 @@
-      BC->deregisterSection(*ColdSection);
     } else {
@@ -4112,6 +4111,9 @@
             FF.getImageAddress(), FF.getAddress(), FF.getImageSize()));
     RTDyld.reassignSectionAddress(ColdSection->getSectionID(), FF.getAddress());
+    if (TooLarge)
+      BC->deregisterSection(*ColdSection);
     NextAvailableAddress += FF.getImageSize();

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