[PATCH] D144006: [DebugMetadata][DwarfDebug] Support function-local types in lexical block scopes (5/7)

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Mon Mar 20 17:49:05 PDT 2023

dblaikie added inline comments.

Comment at: llvm/lib/CodeGen/AsmPrinter/DwarfCompileUnit.cpp:712-714
+      assert(!getAbstractScopeDIEs().count(DS) &&
+             "Abstract DIE for this scope exists!");
+      getAbstractScopeDIEs()[DS] = ScopeDIE;
jmmartinez wrote:
> krisb wrote:
> > jmmartinez wrote:
> > > NIT: You could use `insert/try_emplace` instead of using `count` and `operator[]`. The assertion would become something like:
> > > ```
> > > auto Inserted = getAbstractScopeDIEs().try_emplace(DS, ScopeDIE);
> > > assert(Inserted.second && "Abstract DIE for this scope exists!");
> > > return ScopeDIE;
> > > ```
> > I'd slightly prefer to keep the original code as it looks a bit more readable to me (in your example, there should be another line to void out unused `Inserted` variable, otherwise it'd cause a warning). 
> > Additional `count()` call in the `assert()` doesn't seem too expensive to me, but if you still think `try_emplace()` is better, I'll change to it.
> Ok for me. If the use of count was outside the assert I would have argued against.
FWIW I'd lean towards avoiding the extra lookup in the +Asserts build (by using emplace or try_emplace, etc - yeah, with the extra void cast for the non-asserts-unused variable), but wouldn't insist on it.

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