[PATCH] D92269: [TableGen] Eliminate the 'code' type

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Sat Nov 28 16:51:50 PST 2020

jrtc27 added a comment.

In D92269#2421399 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D92269#2421399>, @Paul-C-Anagnostopoulos wrote:

> Yes, we could create !codeconcat instead, along with !codeinterleave, !codeeq, etc. We could also just extend the existing bang operators to work on the code type. I thought it was cleaner just to get rid of the distinction.

You wouldn't need a new !eq, you can just add another overloading. Really there should probably be an overloaded !concat that works on string, bits, list and code; !strconcat is the unusual case where it's qualified with the type in the name.

> I agree that !subst is a mess, even without this change. My plan is eventually to implement a saner !replace. But I'm not sure why doing string replacement in code is sad. There is even a utility to do it: GlobalISel\CodeExpander.

I was confused and thought !subst was substring not substitute, which is normally a meaningless operation to perform on code. Substitution is less weird, thought normally the useful/meaningful representation for code is something like a list of tokens which would make !subst a bit more useful as currently you just get raw string replacement which risks all manner of false positives for matches.

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