[PATCH] D92217: [llvm-objdump] Remove -mcpu=help from help text

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Fri Nov 27 01:49:34 PST 2020

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The mcpu option was added in c9595620925499c0f33a5380158bad8cac46fda2.
It has never recognised "help" as far as I can tell.

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Index: llvm/tools/llvm-objdump/llvm-objdump.cpp
--- llvm/tools/llvm-objdump/llvm-objdump.cpp
+++ llvm/tools/llvm-objdump/llvm-objdump.cpp
@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@
                         cl::Grouping, cl::aliasopt(MachOOpt));
 cl::opt<std::string> objdump::MCPU(
-    "mcpu", cl::desc("Target a specific cpu type (-mcpu=help for details)"),
+    "mcpu", cl::desc("Target a specific cpu type"),
     cl::value_desc("cpu-name"), cl::init(""), cl::cat(ObjdumpCat));
 cl::list<std::string> objdump::MAttrs("mattr", cl::CommaSeparated,

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