[PATCH] D91806: [SVE] Remove warning from debug info on scalable vector.

Francesco Petrogalli via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Nov 24 06:37:47 PST 2020

fpetrogalli added a comment.

Hi @sdesmalen

I have extracted D92020 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D92020> to implement only the change of interface for `AllocaInst::getAllocationSizeInBits`.

I wanted to extract also the interface change in `DbgVariableIntrinsic::getFragmentSizeInBits()` but such change would require also to change `valueCoversEntireFragment`: essentially, this is already what I am doing in this patch.,

> This patch needs to be retitled to what this is actually doing: changing the getTypeAllocationSizeInBits and getFragmentSizeInBits to return a TypeSize instead of unsigned.

Given that the only change resulting from this patch is removing the warning, I think it makes sense to keep the summary of the patch as it is.

I have added a comment in `DbgVariableIntrinsic::getFragmentSizeInBits()` explaining that to get full support for scalable types in `DbgVariableIntrinsic::getFragmentSizeInBits()` we should update the `DIVariable::getSizeInBits` to carry the scalable flag for scalable variables. I am happy to continue in that direction (it seems an extensive change with quite a few implications), I just wanted to double check whether 1. you agree on the need to change `DIVariable::getSizeInBits` to privide `TypeSize` info, and 2.  if you think if you are happy for the warning fix (this patch)  to go in before the `DIVariable::getSizeInBits` interface change, or 3. do you see a third way? :)



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