[PATCH] D88988: [llvm-symbolizer] Add inline stack traces for Windows.

David Blaikie via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Nov 23 20:52:19 PST 2020

dblaikie added inline comments.

Comment at: lld/test/COFF/symbolizer-inline.s:3-5
+# RUN: lld-link -entry:main -nodefaultlib %t.obj -out:%t.exe -pdb:%t.pdb -debug
+# RUN: llvm-symbolizer --obj=%t.exe --use-native-pdb-reader --relative-address \
+# RUN:   0x1014 0x1018 0x101c 0x1023 0x1024 | FileCheck %s
After updated the dependencies (adding a dependency on llvm-symbolizer from lld's tests so this test could run 27e73816d6f9a7e627db73c445c4329db2ecfeaf ) that got  me looking at this/thinking: If this is the first use of llvm-symbolizer in lld, maybe it's out of place here?

Indeed this patch made no changes to lld, so it seems unsuitable that tests be added to lld - changes to llvm should be tested from within llvm. For ELF, at least, we're leaning towards writing hand-crafted assembly and the assembling that (with llvm-mc) and running llvm-symbolizer on the assembled file. If that model would work for COFF that'd be great - but otherwise it is acceptable to include source and repro steps in a file, and checkin a binary file for running llvm-symbolizer over.

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