[PATCH] D62728: [llvm-readobj] - Remove excessive `dynamic.test`

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Fri May 31 03:50:47 PDT 2019

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`dynamic.test` is a test that checks dumping of
dynamic tags. It uses precompiled objects as inputs
and it is completely excessive nowadays:

Now we have `elf-dynamic-tags-machine-specific.test`
and `elf-dynamic-tags.test`. 

First is used to check target
specific tags and second tests the common flags.
These tests use YAML, which is much better than using precompiled binaries.

Note that new reviews tend to update the YAML based
tests to add new tags, e.g. see D62596 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D62596>.

So I think we should remove `dynamic.test`.

With this patch became possible to remove
`dynamic-table-so.aarch64` binary from the inputs folder.
(other binaries are still used in other tests).



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