[PATCH] D62651: [ARM] Add FP16 vector insert/extract patterns

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Thu May 30 04:42:21 PDT 2019

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This change adds two FP16 extraction and two insertion patterns
(one per possible vector length). 64-bit operations are handled by
existing i16 machinery with some conversion between GPRs and FP
registers (VMOVRH and VMOVHR insns). 128-bit vectors are handled
similarly, but the operation is only performed on one of the 64-bit
parts (using INSERT_SUBREG and EXTRACT_SUBREG with appropriate lane
index conversions).

Without these patterns the ARM backend would sometimes fail during
instruction selection.

This patch also adds patterns which combine:

- an FP16 element extraction and a store into a single VST1 instruction
- an FP16 load and an insertion into a single VLD1 instruction



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