[PATCH] D62511: Sanitize llvm-extract -help output

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Tue May 28 01:37:52 PDT 2019

serge-sans-paille added a comment.

For reference, the output before filtering (but after categorization)

  OVERVIEW: llvm extractor
  USAGE: llvm-extract [options] <input bitcode file>
  Color Options:
    --color                                            - Use colors in output (default=autodetect)
  General options:
    --atomic-counter-update-promoted                   - Do counter update using atomic fetch add  for promoted counters only
    --bounds-checking-single-trap                      - Use one trap block per function
    --cost-kind=<value>                                - Target cost kind
      =throughput                                      -   Reciprocal throughput
      =latency                                         -   Instruction latency
      =code-size                                       -   Code size
    --cvp-dont-add-nowrap-flags                        - 
    --do-counter-promotion                             - Do counter register promotion
    --enable-gvn-memdep                                - 
    --enable-load-pre                                  - 
    --enable-loop-simplifycfg-term-folding             - 
    --enable-name-compression                          - Enable name string compression
    --expensive-combines                               - Enable expensive instruction combines
    --hash-based-counter-split                         - Rename counter variable of a comdat function based on cfg hash
    --import-all-index                                 - Import all external functions in index.
    --instcombine-code-sinking                         - Enable code sinking
    --instcombine-guard-widening-window=<uint>         - How wide an instruction window to bypass looking for another guard
    --instcombine-max-num-phis=<uint>                  - Maximum number phis to handle in intptr/ptrint folding
    --instcombine-maxarray-size=<uint>                 - Maximum array size considered when doing a combine
    --instrprof-atomic-counter-update-all              - Make all profile counter updates atomic (for testing only)
    --internalize-public-api-file=<filename>           - A file containing list of symbol names to preserve
    --internalize-public-api-list=<list>               - A list of symbol names to preserve
    --iterative-counter-promotion                      - Allow counter promotion across the whole loop nest.
    --max-counter-promotions=<int>                     - Max number of allowed counter promotions
    --max-counter-promotions-per-loop=<uint>           - Max number counter promotions per loop to avoid increasing register pressure too much
    --memop-size-large=<uint>                          - Set large value thresthold in memory intrinsic size profiling. Value of 0 disables the large value profiling.
    --memop-size-range=<string>                        - Set the range of size in memory intrinsic calls to be profiled precisely, in a format of <start_val>:<end_val>
    --no-discriminators                                - Disable generation of discriminator information.
    --remarks-yaml-string-table                        - 
    --safepoint-ir-verifier-print-only                 - 
    --sample-profile-check-record-coverage=<N>         - Emit a warning if less than N% of records in the input profile are matched to the IR.
    --sample-profile-check-sample-coverage=<N>         - Emit a warning if less than N% of samples in the input profile are matched to the IR.
    --sample-profile-max-propagate-iterations=<uint>   - Maximum number of iterations to go through when propagating sample block/edge weights through the CFG.
    --speculative-counter-promotion-max-exiting=<uint> - The max number of exiting blocks of a loop to allow  speculative counter promotion
    --speculative-counter-promotion-to-loop            - When the option is false, if the target block is in a loop, the promotion will be disallowed unless the promoted counter  update can be further/iteratively promoted into an acyclic  region.
    --summary-file=<string>                            - The summary file to use for function importing.
    --time-trace-granularity=<uint>                    - Minimum time granularity (in microseconds) traced by time profiler
    --verify-region-info                               - Verify region info (time consuming)
    --vp-counters-per-site=<number>                    - The average number of profile counters allocated per value profiling site.
    --vp-static-alloc                                  - Do static counter allocation for value profiler
  Generic Options:
    --help                                             - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)
    --help-list                                        - Display list of available options (--help-list-hidden for more)
    --version                                          - Display the version of this program
  llvm-extract Options:
    --alias=<alias>                                    - Specify alias to extract
    --bb=<function:bb>                                 - Specify <function, basic block> pairs to extract
    --delete                                           - Delete specified Globals from Module
    -f                                                 - Enable binary output on terminals
    --func=<function>                                  - Specify function to extract
    --glob=<global>                                    - Specify global to extract
    -o=<filename>                                      - Specify output filename
    --ralias=<ralias>                                  - Specify alias(es) to extract using a regular expression
    --recursive                                        - Recursively extract all called functions
    --rfunc=<rfunction>                                - Specify function(s) to extract using a regular expression
    --rglob=<rglobal>                                  - Specify global(s) to extract using a regular expression

According to the callgraph, the only options reachable from main and filtered out are hidden ones related to pass debugging.

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