[PATCH] D58102: Support X86 Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) in LLD

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Fri Feb 15 11:19:53 PST 2019

ruiu added a comment.

I really don't think we should introduce a new PLT (.splt) if the reason of adding it is to keep the compatibility of the existing .plt format. Second PLT is too complicated and would become a technical debt.

Please imagine what could happen in, say 10 years from now, when all x86 CPUs in the market support CET. Many programs would be using CET to tighten security. One who runs objdump on a binary might ask "what is this .splt section?" and the answer would be "that's essentially a PLT that was invented 10 years ago so that they didn't have to change the .plt content format at that moment." I don't think that's a good scenario.

gdb or other GNU binutils tools might not work correctly with a nonstandard PLT, but that's fixable. We should avoid complicate the binary format to avoid a short-term problem.

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