[PATCH] D56587: Introduce DW_OP_LLVM_convert

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Wed Feb 13 06:47:15 PST 2019

ABataev added a comment.

In D56587#1396164 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D56587#1396164>, @probinson wrote:

> + @ABataev re the question whether NVPTX runs into the situation described in this review.
> The Sony debugger guys are okay with using the GCC operator in a pre-v5 expression. So, tentatively, for all debugger tunings, we can emit that instead of the more complicated expression.  That way we are emitting compliant expressions, and the info doesn't just disappear sometimes (a much worse outcome IMO).  The only remaining question is my hypothetical about NVPTX.
> Re branch operators, I thought Adrian was throwing that out there as a general concern; yes branch operators exist, and yes we don't use them currently. As David says, the assembler knows how to convert a label difference into a ULEB and it will all Just Work.  If/when we ever need it to.

NVPTX supports only DWARF2 and does not know anything about DWARF5 operations. Also, it does not support any type of the expression in the DWARF sections, except for `<section_name>+-<int_offset>`.



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