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 <tr><td valign="top" id="Talk_22">
 <b>LLVM Numerics Improvements</b><br>
-<i>Michael Berg (Apple), Jean-Luc Duprat (Apple)</i>
+<i>Michael Berg (Apple), Steve Canon (Apple), Jean-Luc Duprat (Apple)</i>
 <p>Some LLVM based compilers currently provide two modes of floating point code
 generation. The first mode, called fast-math, is where performance is the
 primary consideration over numerical precision and accuracy. This mode does not
@@ -1280,7 +1280,8 @@ be managed.</p>
 <tr><td valign="top" id="Poster_7">
 <b>Enabling Multi- and Cross-Language Verification with LLVM</b><br>
-<i>Zvonimir Rakamaric (University of Utah)</i>
+<i>Jack J. Garzella (University of Utah), Marek Baranowski (University of Utah),
+Shaobo He (University of Utah), Zvonimir Rakamaric (University of Utah)</i>
 <p>Developers nowadays regularly use numerous programming languages with
 different characteristics and trade-offs. Unfortunately, implementing a
 software verifier for a new language from scratch is a large and tedious

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