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 <!-- *********************************************************************** -->
-<div class="www_subsubsection">
-  <a name="pollypassmanager">Move Polly to the new LLVM pass manager</a>
-<!-- *********************************************************************** -->
-<div class="www_text">
-  <p><b>Description of the project: </b>
-<p>Over the last years Chandler Carruth and others introduced a new pass manager
-to LLVM which uses a new caching based architecture to allow analysis results
-to be computed on demand. Besides resolving many engineering problems, the new
-pass manager has three interesting properties: 1) analysis results for multiple
-objects (e.g., functions) can be made available at the same time, 2) it is
-possible to access the analysis result from one function in another function or
-the analysis results from a function pass in a call-graph pass. 3) new pass
-managers can be instantiated easily.
-  </p>
-The goal of this project is to port Polly to the new pass manager and use this
-opportunity to improve the overall pass design of Polly. The first step will
-be to make Polly future proof by providing the same functionality Polly already
-has with the old pass manager, in the context of the new pass manager. Next,
-facilities of the new pass manger can be exploited to remove Polly's dependence
-on the RegionPass infrastructure, and replace it with a Polly specific
-scop-pass manager, that executes scop-model only passes without the need to
-piggy-pack on some IR level analysis. Finally, the student thinks about how
-analysis results can be made available across functions.
-<p>If the project is completed early, the student might look into exploiting
-the availability of analysis results from multiple functions to perform GPU
-code generation across functions</p>
-<p><b>Confirmed Mentor:</b> <a href="mailto:tobias at grosser.es">Tobias Grosser</a></p>
-  <li>More about the LLVM Pass manager: <a href="/devmtg/2014-10/">Chandlers Presentation on 2014 Developer's Meeeting</a>
-<!-- *********************************************************************** -->
 <div class="www_sectiontitle">
   <a name="what">What is this?</a>

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