[PATCH] D58108: [sanitizer]: fix warnings reported by SVACE static analyzer.

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Tue Feb 12 01:09:43 PST 2019

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The warnings are:

- lsan_thread.cc: return value of a function '__lsan::CurrentThreadContext' is dereferenced without checking.
- sanitizer_libc.cc: casting a signed value which has type 'char' to a bigger unsigned integer type 'unsigned int' while initializing a variable.
- sanitizer_libignore.cc: constructor may not initialize class members of '__sanitizer::LibIgnore'.
- sanitizer_printf.cc: 'minimal_num_length' with type 'u8', is promoted to type 'int' 32b in 'minimal_num_length - pos', then sign-extended to type 'unsigned long' 64b.
- sanitizer_symbolizer_posix_libcdep.cc: after having been compared to NULL value, pointer (...)->path is passed as 1st parameter in call to function '__sanitizer::LLVMSymbolizer::LLVMSymbolizer', where it is dereferenced.

  rCRT Compiler Runtime



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