[PATCH] D58059: [AArch64] Print instruction before atomic semantic annotations

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Mon Feb 11 09:00:02 PST 2019

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Commit r353303 added annotations when acquire semantics
were dropped from an instruction.

As printAnnotation was called before printInstruction,
if you didn't set a separate comment output stream
you got <comment><instr> instead of <instr><comment>
as expected.

This change updates the usage to match other printAnnotation.
Print the instruction, then the annotation, then return.




Index: lib/Target/AArch64/InstPrinter/AArch64InstPrinter.cpp
--- lib/Target/AArch64/InstPrinter/AArch64InstPrinter.cpp
+++ lib/Target/AArch64/InstPrinter/AArch64InstPrinter.cpp
@@ -71,8 +71,12 @@
   if (atomicBarrierDroppedOnZero(Opcode) &&
       (MI->getOperand(0).getReg() == AArch64::XZR ||
-       MI->getOperand(0).getReg() == AArch64::WZR))
+       MI->getOperand(0).getReg() == AArch64::WZR)) {
+    if (!printAliasInstr(MI, STI, O))
+          printInstruction(MI, STI, O);
     printAnnotation(O, "acquire semantics dropped since destination is zero");
+    return;
+  }
   // SBFM/UBFM should print to a nicer aliased form if possible.
   if (Opcode == AArch64::SBFMXri || Opcode == AArch64::SBFMWri ||

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