[PATCH] D41723: Introduce the "retpoline" x86 mitigation technique for variant #2 of the speculative execution vulnerabilities disclosed today, specifically identified by CVE-2017-5715, "Branch Target Injection", and is one of the two halves to Spectre..

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Fri Jan 5 11:19:07 PST 2018

reames added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D41723#968202, @chandlerc wrote:

> The only really interesting cases are statepoints and patchpoints. The other cases are only relevant when in the large code model on x86-64 which is pretty much riddled with bugs already. =/

To be explicit, you can ignore statepoints and patchpoints for the moment.  As the only major user of this functionality, we'll follow up with patches if needed.  We're still in the process of assessing actual risk in our environment, but at the moment it looks like we likely won't need this functionality.  (Obviously, subject to change as we learn more.)


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