[PATCH] D41687: [llvm-objcopy] Add support for input types and the -I and -B flags

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Wed Jan 3 15:02:37 PST 2018

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I haven't figured out a solution to the "giant nested if-statment" problem yet. There's a sense in which it's largely intractable because we have to use dynamic information to dispatch to 1 of 4 statically known functions of different types. I'm still thinking about it.

1. Added test for each -B option (as future architectures/names are added then that test can be extended)
2. Made any non-template function static (I think it was just the one)
3. Reordered Object(uint16_t) as mentioned
4. Made symbols own their names (amazingly this was as simple just replacing StringRef with std::string in one place)
5. Made addSymbol take a Twine instead of a StringRef for the symbol name (strictly more general and suits the symbol generation case used in InputBianryFormat)
6. Eh...I may be forgetting something but I only changed things that were requested. Hopefully I changed everything that was requested.




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