[PATCH] D41685: [test-suite, CUDA] Make sure we use the thrust library from test external dir.

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Tue Jan 2 15:01:15 PST 2018

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CUDA SDK comes with its own copy of thrust in its includes. In order to
guarantee that our thrust tests pick up the headers from the right place,
we need to ensure that thrust include paths precede any explicit CUDA
include paths.

  rT test-suite



Index: External/CUDA/CMakeLists.txt
--- External/CUDA/CMakeLists.txt
+++ External/CUDA/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@
   llvm_test_executable(${_executable} ${_sources})
+  target_compile_options(${_executable} PUBLIC ${VariantCPPFLAGS})
     target_link_libraries(${_executable} ${VariantLibs})
@@ -98,7 +99,8 @@
   llvm_test_run(--verbose ${_ExtraThrustTestArgs})
   llvm_test_executable(${_executable} ${TestSource})
   target_link_libraries(${_executable} ${VariantLibs})
-  target_compile_options(${_executable} PUBLIC ${THRUST_CPPFLAGS})
+  target_compile_options(${_executable} BEFORE PUBLIC ${THRUST_CPPFLAGS})
+  target_compile_options(${_executable} PUBLIC ${VariantCPPFLAGS})
   list(APPEND THRUST_VARIANT_TESTS ${_executable})
@@ -111,7 +113,8 @@
     # test framework is common for all tests, so we build it once as a
     # library.
     add_library(ThrustTestFrameworkLib-${VariantSuffix} STATIC ${ThrustTestFramework})
-    append_compile_flags(ThrustTestFrameworkLib-${VariantSuffix} ${CPPFLAGS} ${THRUST_CPPFLAGS})
+    target_compile_options(ThrustTestFrameworkLib-${VariantSuffix} BEFORE PRIVATE ${THRUST_CPPFLAGS})
+    target_compile_options(ThrustTestFrameworkLib-${VariantSuffix} PRIVATE ${VariantCPPFLAGS})
     add_dependencies(ThrustTestFrameworkLib-${VariantSuffix} timeit-host fpcmp-host)
     list(APPEND VariantLibs ThrustTestFrameworkLib-${VariantSuffix})
@@ -133,8 +136,12 @@
     # overhead, so it's actually way slower than running all tests
     # sequentially.
     llvm_test_run(--verbose ${_ExtraThrustTestArgs})
+    # CUDA SDK comes with its own version of thrust in its include directory.
+    # In order to use the thrust library we want, its include path must precede
+    # that of the CUDA SDK include path.
     llvm_test_executable(${_ThrustMainTarget} ${ThrustTestFramework} ${ThrustAllTestSources})
-    target_compile_options(${_ThrustMainTarget} PUBLIC ${THRUST_CPPFLAGS})
+    target_compile_options(${_ThrustMainTarget} BEFORE PUBLIC ${THRUST_CPPFLAGS})
+    target_compile_options(${_executable} PUBLIC ${VariantCPPFLAGS})
     target_link_libraries(${_ThrustMainTarget} ${VariantLibs})
   add_dependencies(cuda-tests-${VariantSuffix} cuda-tests-thrust-${VariantSuffix})
@@ -148,7 +155,7 @@
     COMMENT "Build CUDA test variant ${VariantSuffix}")
   set(VariantLibs ${_Cuda_Libs} ${_Stdlib_Libs})
+  set(VariantCPPFLAGS ${_Cuda_CPPFLAGS} ${_Std_CPPFLAGS} ${_Stdlib_CPPFLAGS})
   list(APPEND LDFLAGS ${_Cuda_LDFLAGS} ${_Std_LDFLAGS} ${_Stdlib_LDFLAGS})
   # Create a separate test target for simple tests that can be built/tested quickly.

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