[PATCH] D41665: [Docs] Add Contributing page.

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Tue Jan 2 07:30:57 PST 2018

fhahn added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D41665#965831, @nemanjai wrote:

> I think it's really cool that you've started on this and I think this is a great start. Thanks.
> However, what I commonly see coming through the dev list in terms of questions from beginners are questions about how to familiarize oneself with the LLVM code base and infrastructure. I think a beginners page should include all this info you added here about `what` to work on and `how` to contribute, but also `where` to learn. I think this information is kind of strewn all over the place and a nice summary would be useful. I think "User Guides", "Programming Documentation" and "Subsystem Documentation" sections contain a wealth of useful information, but I think it can be overwhelming to a new contributor.
>  What do I need to read to fix this beginner bug? Which of these are generally useful and which are useful to some specific subset of developers? etc...
>  Perhaps this page can be a general entry point for new contributors. It can include the information you included here and then it can include a section on "Familiarizing Yourself With LLVM" where we would initially link documents that are useful for new Front-End/Back-End/Middle-End developers. Then I think new contributors should be encouraged to contribute to this page and improve it with their experience.

Thanks! The "Familiarizing Yourself With LLVM" is an excellent suggestion and should be part of this document.

> I wonder if we can start with something kind of small and limited that will grow into a useful, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate entry point for new contributors.

That was my hope. I think a sensible way to go about this would be to add a first version of the document and go from there. And hopefully it will get better with feedback from new contributors.


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