[PATCH] D41665: [Docs] Add Contributing page.

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Tue Jan 2 07:22:45 PST 2018

nemanjai added a comment.

I think it's really cool that you've started on this and I think this is a great start. Thanks.

However, what I commonly see coming through the dev list in terms of questions from beginners are questions about how to familiarize oneself with the LLVM code base and infrastructure. I think a beginners page should include all this info you added here about `what` to work on and `how` to contribute, but also `where` to learn. I think this information is kind of strewn all over the place and a nice summary would be useful. I think "User Guides", "Programming Documentation" and "Subsystem Documentation" sections contain a wealth of useful information, but I think it can be overwhelming to a new contributor.
What do I need to read to fix this beginner bug? Which of these are generally useful and which are useful to some specific subset of developers? etc...
Perhaps this page can be a general entry point for new contributors. It can include the information you included here and then it can include a section on "Familiarizing Yourself With LLVM" where we would initially link documents that are useful for new Front-End/Back-End/Middle-End developers. Then I think new contributors should be encouraged to contribute to this page and improve it with their experience.

I wonder if we can start with something kind of small and limited that will grow into a useful, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate entry point for new contributors.

Comment at: docs/Contributing.rst:7
+Thank you for your interest in contributing to LLVM! There are multiple ways to
+contribute, and we appreciate all of them. In case you
+have questions, you can either use the `Developer's List (llvm-dev)`_
This sentence seems a bit weird. It sounds like "we appreciate the different ways of contributing" rather than "we appreciate all contributions".


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