[PATCH] D36582: [test-suite] Adding HPCCG benchmark

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Fri Aug 11 10:02:51 PDT 2017

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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D36582#838188, @kristof.beyls wrote:

> Hi @homerdin,
> Great to see you taking the effort to make the test-suite more relevant!
>  I think it'd be helpful if you could also add a little explanation of how adding this code makes the test-suite more relevant.
>  I'm assuming that this kind of code is common in some domain (HPC?) and that there is no other benchmark already in the test-suite with similar enough properties?

Just to provide some context: In https://reviews.llvm.org/D27311, I added one of our HPC benchmarks (XSBench), and this is a second one. Brian and several other students working for me this summer have gone through all 40 of the possible additions on our current list (https://gitlab.com/llvm-doe/public/wikis/DOEProxyApps) and narrowed the list down to approximately 15 that are appropriate for inclusion into the test suite. They're all now working on preparing patches for those.  This will increase our coverage of relevant HPC algorithms and code patterns.

HPCCG represents a conjugate gradients calculation with a 27-point stencil. It's probably most similar to Benchmarks/ASCI_Purple/SMG2000, but HPCCG's implementation looks different (and is in C++, not C, and is a decade+ newer). FWIW, given the relatively-small size of our test suite, I'm not too concerned about similarity (so long as the codes actually are different).


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