[PATCH] D35851: [Dominators] Include infinite loops in PostDominatorTree

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Tue Aug 8 04:04:44 PDT 2017

chandlerc added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D35851#829720, @grosser wrote:

> I need to think about these. Some LLVM-IR unit tests that explain the property you are looking for would make the discussion here more concrete, as I will need some time to translate your textual ideas to IR. Even without, I certainly will have a look at your pointers.


> Overall, I am really not trying to shoot down this proposal. Even though I would like to have a PDT that works well with regions, if we can come up together with good test cases that show this is not possible, I am the first to commit and document them! Please help me to get your requirements written into nice understandable unit tests! If our discussions end up in useful test cases and documentation, then it was certainly of use.


> Again, I will need to think about the above and will try to come up with LLVM-IR test cases that illustrate the problem you describe. If you happen to have some available, this would be very much appreciated.

Hey Tobias,

Jakub mentioned that he was essentially blocked here and there didn't seem to be a good path forward, and I have to agree that this doesn't seem like a very tenable end state...

I see two high level issues here:

1. You've somewhat left this review in a bad place. "I need to think about this" without a real time bound doesn't seem like a tenable state. It's been almost a week without update. I think it is very reasonable for folks to want to make progress without getting blocked like this.

2. You seem to be setting the bar *really* high. I know that regions are used in Polly, but they aren't used in any other part of LLVM and postdom has fairly immediate uses. While I'm also interested in figuring out the right way to integrate things like Polly's regions with postdom, I don't think it is really reasonable to hold up pretty significant improvements to the rest of LLVM on that working. I feel like we should be able to make more incremental progress here.

My suggestion would be something like the following:

- If this actively breaks some Polly use case, we should get a test case for that *now*. And if so, it might make sense to have Polly use its own postdom code until the interactions here are sorted out. There doesn't seem to be any need for one singular implementation of this stuff.

- Jakub and Danny make progress on postdoms here, specifically making them faster to update and more viable for some of the non-region use cases.

- If/when folks have a better idea of how to integrate them with regions *or* an understanding of why they can't *then* we add the region test cases and support you're mentioning.

Essentially, 100% integration with regions, an analysis with a very specialized single user at the moment, doesn't seem like a great hard requirement for us to make progress. While I don't want to break regions and Polly, I think these things need to be able to move independently rather than being forced to boil the ocean.


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