[PATCH] D36381: [MISched] Add enableMachineScheduler function that checks enable-misched.

Andrew Trick via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 7 12:39:32 PDT 2017

atrick added a comment.

I sounds to me like you want a "MI-Sched Mode" convenience flag that does more than what it claims to do at face value, rather than needing to specify all the individual flags for SelectionDAG heuristic, enabling MI-Sched, coalescing heuristic. I'm not going to nit pick on the flag names because I don't have any stake it in. But I think you need to discuss this on llvm-dev and argue it out taking into consideration all of the goals:

- avoid confusions between the subtarget enableMachineScheduling() API and -mi-sched flag, which seems to have been a problem for you.

- provide "enable/disable" flags that don't do any magic beyond literally enabling or disabled the named pass, (that kind of magic been huge source of confusion in that past when it comes to triaging bugs and gathering performance data)

- unit tests should explicitly spell out precisely the passes/functionality that it depends on rather than relying on some umbrella "mode" that can change over time.


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